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By francisfaustino
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Joined:  Thu Sep 01, 2016 3:46 pm
I just want to ask if it is most people's experience that VFTs more readily divide when provided with more sunlight. This will be my 4th spring with some of the plants that I have. Until recently, we were living in an apartment and I could only provide maybe 3 hours of direct sunlight to my plants because our balcony was covered. There was usually that 3 hour window each day when the sun was at an angle so it hits the plants directly. We moved to a house in January of this year so I am now able to provide direct sunlight to the plants throughout most of the day. It is only early spring but on some of my older plants, I am already noticing what I estimate to be 5 or 6 growth points. These are the same plants that have struggled to fill a 5"x5" wide square pot since I got it late in 2016. Usually, I will see 2 or 3 growth points on the plants. I re-potted the plants at the end of 2017 and separated the growth points but planted them all together in the same pot. I re-potted again at the end of 2018, and up until earlier this year, I only had the same divisions I had back in 2017. Now, after only being under the sun for a few months, I anticipate the DC XL to cover the 5"x5" pot by the end of this year. The FTS Purple Ambush has already done more this year than I've ever seen it do since I bought it in 2016.

The blackening are of last year's foliage. I tried to remove as much dead stuff as I could a couple of months ago. These were last re-potted at the end of 2018.

20200402_193707.jpg (773.21 KiB) Viewed 798 times

FTS Purple Ambush
20200402_193700.jpg (906.09 KiB) Viewed 798 times
By Fly Trap Hunter
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francisfaustino wrote: Sun Apr 05, 2020 7:54 am I just want to ask if it is most people's experience that VFTs more readily divide when provided with more sunlight.
yes. even more so adding all day light as opposed to 3 hours.
some of the dividing is from age.
some dividing from genetics.
feeding them helps.
I also think stress and extreme heat can make them divide.
but I think definitely adding more light will make them grow and divide more.
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By Matt
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I agree with everything Fly Trap Hunter states. In general, the more natural sunlight Venus flytraps are provided, the faster and healthier they grow. This will cause them to grow larger and divide more often.
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