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By Callum
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You don't need to feed the small Venus flytraps as long as the larger Venus flytrap is attached to it. I'm pretty sure they supply nutrients to the smaller one. But if you want to feed them, (its not necessary) you can give them re-hydrated blood worms for the bigger ones, and ants (or smaller pieces of blood worms) to the smaller ones. If the trigger hairs don't work, the traps are probably old or in dormancy, depending on where you are. There will eventually be newer, larger traps which are faster. I find flytraps are faster in full sun.
By omnipercp15
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sanguinearocks101 wrote:You can also use diluted Maxsea but I am not sure about the ratio.
I've seen a lot of suggestions of 1/4 the recommended dosage but occasional few people also say they use 1/2 without any negative repercussions.

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