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By Joshuamarshall792
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My vfts I got from have recovered from shipping and repotting stress I even got red traps on one of them, which all ended up dying due to dormancy Image, but anyways!!! I'm excited because I got one new division from the vft (selten) which is a big vigorous cultivar, the new division is a baby!!! It started out very small and grew very... Very... FAST! I am very surprised how fast this plant grew because, I over wintered it because of how young it was, the older one like I mentioned earlier turned orange, then red but it did die off due to dormancy! And then I trimmed off the black traps! (Literally all of them! Image) And it is growing back orangish traps and the baby has a lot of new shoots (traps) popping up! I'm very excited here are some pictures of them now! (Note: they are all in the same pot) and the big pot got knocked over by my cat violet which she didn't care whatsoever she just happily meowed while I was more upset than a yellow jacket nest that been hit with a 40lb weight, and I moved them into a clear rosemary cup with Lfsm, anyways here are some pictures!!!ImageImageImageImage

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