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By Callum
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Joined:  Thu Aug 01, 2019 8:19 am
Hi guys,

I recently received a 'Big Mouth' Venus flytrap from a seller in Gumtree (an online marketplace in Australia) and I'm unsure whether or not it is a 'Big Mouth'. I heard that there are many clones in circulation with the same name. I've seen a nursery sell plants named 'Big Mouth' but had orange traps in full sun instead of a dark red, and photos of the plant are inconsistent on the ICPS photofinder What does the cultivar that most people have look like and what characteristics I use to identify whether or not the plant is a 'Big Mouth'?
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By Matt
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This is what our Big Mouth flytraps look like in the summer months:

Depending on where you're growing them and the growing conditions, they may not get as red. But they usually have short leaves with larger traps on the end and are capable of getting good red coloration on the interior of the traps.
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By Callum
Posts:  15
Joined:  Thu Aug 01, 2019 8:19 am
After I repotted and divided them (I got 20+ divisions), I put them in full sun, and they got a Light red stripe down the petiole. They now look similar to the B52, which I got from triffid park.
Here’s what they look like when I received them.
Here’s what they look like when I received them.
BFFEBB8D-E631-43A5-B840-7971853C3290.jpeg (1 MiB) Viewed 415 times
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