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Hi everyone, just today, I had noticed a flytrap that really stood out in my seedling vft batch, resembling a red dentate Venus flytrap in terms of appearance. I have also heard that vft seedlings can really change as they mature. I worry whether its short dentate cilia characteristics may disappear as it matures. Will those genetics stay? I’ve got photos of the mutated vft growing next to the other vft seedlings. Note how the other red vft seedling has regular cilia. What do you think?
FE5FA303-074B-44C9-B20E-1A8C1059A656.png (2.43 MiB) Viewed 689 times
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By DesertPat
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Only time will tell. I wouldn't be surprised if it does hang on to that general appearance though. Good luck and keep us updated on how that plant develops!

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By Matt
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Very nice! It will definitely keep the same appearance in to adulthood. It should look similar to FTS Crimson Sawtooth or Red Piranha when it fully matures. Be sure to give us an update as it grows!

BTW - where did you source the seeds? Are the from the FTS seed mix? The Special Red mix?
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Joined:  Sat May 20, 2017 9:15 pm
Will keep you guys updated for sure, and I’m glad it’ll most likely maintain those characteristics :)

Actually, I’m a grower in Australia, so I can’t order anything from your store, as much as I’d love to Matt :(

This was actually just the offspring from a bigmouth x self pollination I did
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Haha thanks :)) hope it does well. Some vft seedlings of mine were destroyed by heavy rain, but that’s one still hanging in
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