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List the plants you grow

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By hungry carnivores
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None. PM if trading some!


Died post-deflasking.


C. Follicularis 'typical'
C. Follicularis 'Hummer's Giant'


D. Californica 'Highland Alpine form'
D. Californica 'Standard form'


D. Muscipula 'Typical'
D. Muscipula 'B52'
D. Muscipula 'Korean Melody Shark'
D. Muscipula 'Galaxy'
D. Muscipula 'King Henry'

Looking to expand this list. Please PM.


D. Adelae
D. Prolifera 'Thornton Peak'
D. Andromeda cutting strike

D. Capensis
D. Capensis 'lotus eater'
D. Capensis 'Alba'
D. Capensis 'Baines Kloof'
D. Venusta
D. Rotundifolia
D. Spatulata
D. Spatulata 'tamlin'

D. Sessifolia

D. Graomongolensis
D. Latifolia

D. Multifida 'extrema'
D. Dichotoma 'giant'
D. Binata var Binata

D. Palacea
D. Palacea 'pink flower'
D. Scorpioides
D. Allantostigma
D. Pulchella
D. Micrantha 'red form'
D. Roseana
D. Barbigera

D. Petiolaris
D. Falconerii 'Wangi'
D. Aff. Lanata 'Flying Fox Creek'
D. Caduca 'Wide Grass Leaf'
D. Ordensis

D. Filiformis 'fla red'
D. Filiformis Tracyi
D. Intermedia

Looking for cuttings by sase?


D. Lusitanicum 'typical' calluses
D. Lusitanicum 'typical' TC


H. Minor
H. Collina x MVP
H. Uncinata
H. Glabra x Nutans x Pulchella
H. Pulchella x Tatei
H. Collina
H. Heterodoxa
H. Parva
H. Heterodoxa x Minor (Seeds sown)

Always looking for more helis. Willing to trade once mine divide. PM plz.


N. Ventricosa
N. Ventrata
N. Alata
N. Vetchii 'Bareo x Candy Stripe'
N. Dactylifera

ISO Jamban, ampullaria, rajah. PM.


P. Primuliflora
P. Lusitanica

P. x Aphrodite
P. x Marciano
P. Agnata x Weser
P. Sethos x Weser
P. Agnata x Aphrodite
P. x Sethos
P. x Pirouette
P. Gracilis
P. Agnata
P. Agnata 'true blue'
P. Agnata
P. 'unknown' (Likely gypsicola cross)
P. Gigantea

If you want to trade pullings by SASE, please PM.


S. Flava var Rugelli
S. Flava var. Maxima
S. Oreophila
S. x Godzuki x Flava
S. x Scarlet Belle
S. x Mystery crosses


U. Subulata
U. Bisquamata
U. Cornuta

U. Reniformis 'F. Courte'
U. Alpina
U. Nelumbifolia
U. Quelchii 'geoff wong'
U. Nephrophylla
U. Longifolia

Open for cuttings of Orchiodes sect. PM, we'll send SASE.
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By Apollyon
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Nice grow list! You have some really awesome CPs

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