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By Tigerscott79
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So my reasoning and question is would this be good idea perhaps. I know in my bioactive crested geckos enclosures I use springtails and pillbugs to eliminate gecko poop (pill bugs eat it and springtails eat any fungi and mold and such that could cause trouble but also at level it let's things breakdown naturally and safe ie organics) so wondering if springtails would be solid thing since 1 would keep mold fungus issues clear (ofc not having those issues cause dont keep things too wet but ) would also keep fungus gnats away by eating the food those need to flourish in moist areas. And figured they breed fast enough wouldnt matter if many get devoured by the carnivorous plants indoors. Would love some nursery or big time collector or growers chime in if would and everyone else too. Thier isnt down side since once outta food they downsize thier coloney to what's sustainable and they dont harm living tissue or plants . They would be temperate springtails .

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