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By Rassac
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Joined:  Mon Apr 08, 2019 11:00 am
Hey guys,
So I am a newbie been growing CP for almost a year... and I have been thinking if I really needs a growlight or not ... is it worth getting one bacause i managed to germinate 8 VFT but they died all ... and i saved one :) also failed when germinating 5 cephalotus seeds ( did not stratify)... Should I get a grow light?

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By jpappy789
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Joined:  Fri Feb 27, 2015 11:03 pm
What are you using for a light source otherwise?

A "grow" light doesn't necessarily need to be something very expensive or high-tech. I started out with just compact fluorescent bulb in a clip-on shop fixture. Now I have a lot of relatively inexpensive LEDs. But it depends a lot on the space you are trying to light as well as the plants you are looking to try out again.
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By Matt
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An indoor growing area is great for getting plants started from seed. It makes it much easier to control the environment and provide stable conditions and protect the baby plants from potential hazards.

It is also a great place to grow plants recently out of tissue culture. However, if you are just growing adult plants and mostly temperate carnivorous plants, most will do better outdoors in full sun.

It is OK to grow them under lights for a few weeks or months but without strong outdoor lighting and good air movement, the chances of some sort of fungal disease are very high with an indoor grow setup.

And, as jpappy789 mentioned, if you decide to get one for starting seeds or taking cuttings or growing plants indoors that are struggling, it doesn't have to be a terribly expensive setup. Our grow racks are just standard 4-foot shop light fixtures with T8 bulbs (color temperature 6500K). It used to be that one fixture was around $10 at general stores and hardware stores. I think they're more like $15-$20 now, but still not too costly.

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