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By PlantsWithTeeth_01
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Joined:  Mon Jul 15, 2019 2:49 am
I'm assuming someone in here has used Seasol on their plants. If so, which species, and what was the effect? The guy below certainly seems to believe it strongly helps root growth, as well as making plants and their roots hardier. I've seen a lot of positive stuff about it online with a quick read, but unsure of best practices with CP's.


What's more, I have multi-grow pots (eg, I grow sundews with my neps and they are just becoming monsters after several months, as well as VFT and drosera together), so it would be useful to know the kind of effect I could expect across the board, and if some plants hate it more than others.

Currently, I don't use any fertiliser, only Great White, and one site did say that Seasol can support the microbes, so that sounds promising. Mainly I'm worried about over dosing, and ideally I'd like to find a dose amount that I don't have to flush out, so something really low - unless that just won't have any effect.

Species I grow:
  • VFT
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By PlantsWithTeeth_01
Posts:  61
Joined:  Mon Jul 15, 2019 2:49 am
Well, from some feedback off Facebook, so far I've tried the following:

3ml Seasol to 9L rain water.

Pour it over the plants with a watering can, with one of those soft spray spouts.

I water the neps for about 10 seconds per pot, and other plants for about half that.

Freshly repotted neps haven't paused growth, and after a week, their growth actually looks faster than before, but sustainable - not going crazy and going to burn out. Neps that I actually measured were: Attenboroughii, Rajah, Diatis.

I tried on Cephalotus several days ago, no negative effects, and in fact they seem to have perked up slightly.

Fly traps noticeably seem to have picked up a bit after 2 / 3 days, especially after they've been repotted and chopped up a bit to remove damaged tissue from fungus gnats.

Haven't really paid too much attention to sundew growth, only noted that it doesn't seem to have had huge adverse effects on the sundews.
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