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By rspkers
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I've had these two Sandersonii for a while now and the "blue" just won't flower for some reason. The regular sandersonii flowering on the left, which looks rather pathetic (it's recovering from being burned) has no issue shooting up tons of flowers despite having so little foliage. However, the "blue" on the right, which is as healthy and beautiful as can possibly be, with such a dense amount of leaves has not once flowered. Is there a trick to the "blue" versions? Am I wasting my time? :? I live in Northern Texas, but I keep them under grow lights in an environment where it's never above 80, and never below 65.

Also, is all the moss in the regular sandersonii pot a problem? Will the utric eventually smother it out or does it prevent it from spreading? When I received the plant it had moss growing in it, while the "blue" was clean.
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By DeadlyCarnivore
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When I got my Sandersonnii "blue" the original pot never flowered for me. I was able to take a root cutting(if that's even what you want to call them) and get it started in another pot and that one flowered for me like crazy after quickly filling up the pot.

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By twitcher
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MY blue flowered like crazy all summer long and is still blooming, just not as much. I keep the water level generally about 1/2" below the surface, but it does drop below that occasionally. I water until I can see water at the surface of the soil, then do it again a few days later.

Your current pots don't let the water level get that high. You might try dividing the blue into a pot with no drainage so that you can get the water higher. Then compare the two pots to see if it makes a difference in the blooming.

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