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By Lobster Ghost
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I got this U Gibba (aquatic bladderwort) a couple weeks ago. I put it in a mason jar with small pebbles as a substrate, a tiny bit of peat moss over the pebbles, distilled water, some sphagnum moss (which I removed today because I've read that it doesn't do anything to help bladderworts) and some leaves from the ground outside. But the plant looks very droopy and not very green. But even though the above-water part looks like that, the roots underwater still look pretty green. I attached some pictures of it - hopefully some of them came out clear enough to tell what it looks like. I think in the photos the above-water part actually looks greener than it is in real life. Is it dead/dying?

Edit: Seems like the pictures aren't showing up, so just in case, they are in a shared Google Drive folder: ... sp=sharing
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