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By bananaman
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For me, it’s about a week. I had nearly 100% germination on some flytraps by 8 days in in 2017. I believe some sprouted in 5-6 days, but that’s pretty unusual and I wasn’t keeping close track.

This year, I sowed some Pinguicula lusitanica on 8/12 and noticed the first germination on 8/19 — only 7 days! Of seeds I’ve kept close tabs on, that’s the fastest germination by a few days — I’ve had quite a few sundews come up in under 2 weeks, but rarely as fast as a week.

Here are the pings today, 8/21, 9 days post sowing. You can see I’ve already got quite a few seedlings!
EB015791-3ABF-410D-A6D4-EC65950D372F.jpeg (2.58 MiB) Viewed 470 times
This may or may not be my fastest germinating CP, but I didn’t keep good records in the past, so I’ll call it my fastest now! Of recent sowings on 8/12, I’ve got germination on Drosera intermedia from Brazil and D. serpens today, making it only 9 days. I had D. burmannii and D. brevifolia come up in about 10 days earlier this year, too.

So, what’s the fastest germination you’ve had on CP seed?
By CarnivoresUnite
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D. Serpens seeds.

Freshly harvested and shipped within 10 days and started the night received.

First set of seeds sprouted in water germination at 5 days.

I heard they were fast, but.. wow. I had to look at the recorded date twice to make sure.

Maybe because how fresh they were?

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