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Hi guys, just a simple question here. How often would you repot your Carnivorous plants so they are as robust and vigorous as can be? I have nepenthes, drosera, cephalotus, Venus flytraps and sarracenia, which I usually repot every year, not sure if that’s too often though.
By Fieldofscreams
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I wonder the same thing. I hate repotting. Would be nice to do it every two years.

I don't know if this can be answered though. The media you use and your climate and conditions will make the answer different for you than someone else.
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By Cross
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I'm not repotting mine this year. Most of my vfts are planted in growing lfsm. So as long as the lfsm is still green and growing, it's fine. That's my opinion though. I top water to flush it every week or two. As far as peat.... I remove the top layer every now and then. Top water every week or two to flush. I do that typically on hot days so the soil doesn't stay wet long. If the soil looks bad, I'll change any time.

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By Secretariat73
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I repot my VFTs three times a year to keep them happy due to mineral contamination issues (the winds stir up a lot of junk that settles on the plants). They get repotted in early spring, midway through the growing season, and just before dormancy. With my larger ground hugging varieties like SD Kronos, I can skip the mid-season repotting because the plant's foliage prevents a lot of the contaminants from reaching the LFSM.

My filiformis prefer an annual soil change, and I think my sarrs might be able to go two years.
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