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By riveraXVX
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as folks who have seen or talked to me/helped. around 15 months ago we picked up two Cephalotus from Charles Brewer. in those first 6-8 months we had the worst time getting their conditions right. we had powdery mildew issues, two aphid invasions, mold issues, we'd correct one problem and next thing you knew another would spring up. one of the two plants had all but died back to one single non-carnivorous leaf and nothing else. finally after a few months they resumed normal growth. skip forward to 15 months now. and both plants have been flourishing and looking great but still in the original pots from Charles so they were a little recessed in their pots and stuffed in there.

we finally had some nice weather this week so kid and I went out on the porch repotting table we have setup and slowly got things repotted! here they are a couple weeks before repotting and right after repotting!

before: 2 1/4" wide , 3 1/4" deep pots

after: 4" wide, 3.5x" deep pots

went with a lil heavier mineral mix than what they looked to be potted in originally and used the course sand you see layered on top in the actual mix I'd say we ended up somewhere like 5:3:2 perlite:sand:peat moss

sometimes 7 year olds and their crazy dads measurements are not exactly scientific!

a week later looks to be no setback at all and they have really settled outward and look amazing! they could have probably went in an even larger pot (deeper) but we didn't have anything handy at the moment and $$ is tight!
By riveraXVX
Posts:  1098
Joined:  Sat Apr 29, 2017 5:29 am
hollyhock wrote:Those look great. I need to give mine some serious attention and Love.
honestly I think part of the problem we had is that we were giving them TOO much love! :lol: the basic key for us was adding in more airflow (fan over them randomly on and off when I'd think about it) and getting the right watering schedule down. I think we were just keeping ours too wet in general for the heavier mix they were in

to get an idea just how bad they had wilted away on us from all the issues, April of 2018 - this was once it had sprouted a couple small new growth points it had looked even worse the month before, this is the darker red plant in the background of the above photos:

also Penny opened up her mail today!! we need to stop having frost so we can move a lot of stuff outdoors and make room for new seedlings!!
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