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By Echo
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So I'm prepping to repot my sarracenia and flytrap in fresh media. I have a big plastic bucket that's just been sitting in the backyard for a couple years, I was planning on soaking the peat in that.

I've seen a lot about the soak and rinse method, but do I need to prep the actual bucket in any way? Scrub it down or anything? I'm paranoid about adding anything to the peat after I'm doing all this work to make it safe :? But I'm also lazy and if this isn't extremely might not happen haha
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By Cross
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I spray mine down with a hose to get off crap. If it looks and feels okay, then great. But if there's any discoloration or texture, well it's getting a wash lol. I mean I think it'll be fine. When you transfer the media to the new container, I would take the extra step to rinse the media.

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