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By IGotInStanford
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Hey guys, I'm growing carnivorous plants from seeds and I need help. What kind of carnivorous plant do I need to stratify and what kind do not need it. I know sarracenia need stratification and nepenthes do not, can you guys get me in on the rest please. Thank you
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By Bob Beer
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Basically you just need to consider their place of origin. If it comes from a place with a distinct winter, then chances are it will need stratification. This is an adaptation to keep seeds from germinating in late fall and then freezing before they have a chance to get established. (In the case of annuals, it assures that they can mature and produce seed before the freeze comes, but I can’t think of any temperate annual carnivores right offhand.)

One seeming exception would be the warm temperate Pinguiculas; it might seem odd that they don’t need stratification while the pitcher plants that share their same regions do. The reason is mainly that they mature their seed quite quickly/early (as opposed to pitcher plants, which take an entire season), so the plants have plenty of time to get established.

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