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By King Drosophyllum VI
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I bought a U. cornigeria from California Carnivores 3 months ago. It had 2 leaves when I got it but it has gotten smaller. Now it only has one leaf and no new ones are growing. I bought it thinking that it would do well by my window because my U. longifolia and Nepenthes look healthy growing there.
The window gets a few hours of light in the morning. Does it need more sun then U. longifolia?

I have another question that I saw no reason for another post because it isn't urgent: What are the flowering conditions for U. heterosepala? I have had mine for 4 years after I got it when I visited California Carnivores and it hasnt flowered since. I have tried putting it in the shade and in full sun. I flooded it and then let the water evaporate and I even tried growing some as an aquatic as the internet says it likes being submerged in water. It looks very healthy and it grows out of its pot where I can see a lot of traps with tiny crustaceans captured in it. I want to see flowers so I can tell if it is actually U. heterosepala or if another sp grew with it and the U. heterosepala died after (I have had this happen before with U. bisquamata and an unidentified species)
By w03
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Just as a heads up, the "U. heterosepala" from CC are definitely misidentified. I talked to some other utric growers who did some snooping (and IIRC, talked to Damon as well) - it's most likely U. smithiana.
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