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By Jagasian
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The poke restaurant down the street uses a clear biodegradable plastic bowl with an airtight lid that ends up being an excellent growth chamber for live sphagnum cultures. It works much better than the “clam shell” plastic containers used for salads because the lid fits so tightly.

Here is a new culture I started with sphagnum fuscum (small brown) and sphagnum papillosum (large yellow green) and a few sphagnum rubellum (small red). I have been growing them under 100 PPFD light, which is why the fuscum is only light brown and not growing in a compact growth form that it is known for. I moved it under 400 PPFD light to force the culture to transition into a dense growth form with deep colors of brown, yellow, orange, and red.
DF5F056E-7F81-4C5B-8A7A-8C4F68C01DE1.jpeg (1.57 MiB) Viewed 383 times
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