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By Fishkeeper
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Joined:  Sat Dec 03, 2016 10:59 pm
I got a greenhouse for Christmas. I'm trying to keep it lower-maintenance, so it's mostly going to have cacti. I want to have plants that, if I have a few lower-energy days, won't suffer from being ignored.

It's 8' square, and there's a 110 gallon stock tank pond in it. That should help keep the temperature stable and raise the humidity a bit. I have a spot for a 2' square bog garden area, which I'm probably going to plant in a Rubbermaid tub or similar, elevated off the ground so I can easily reach it.

I'm going to try and rig the greenhouse roof with some gutters that funnel all the rainwater into a catch barrel, which will have a direct line to the bog. The bog will have a drainage hose or two a couple inches up from the bottom, which will drain into a 5gal bucket, so it can't flood completely. I don't know how much water it'll get, but I'll add more water if needed. I'm in Texas, so there won't be too much water, but I figure I can probably keep things moist enough.

Any suggestions on mulch? I'm thinking pine needles or wood chips. I mostly want to plant sarracenia, nothing with shallow roots.

Anyone tried keeping an outdoor bog garden in Central Texas? If so, how much did you have to water it?
By Fly Trap Hunter
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I found these tupperwear-type containers that are clear. they are made by Sterilite. I put sand in the bottom for where water just sits. then I put peat moss soil mix and my plants I wrapped in lfsm and sat in there at appropriate depths so the sundews sit lower to the water line and the fly traps sit higher. I have my bog built at an angle that slopes up, w/vfts at the highest part. Its clear so I can put the clear lid on and keep the humidity high and they still get light or leave off. The clear lets me see the water line also.

I have seen set ups that catch dew off the roof also.

and I would think some d. anglicas and d. intermedia would enjoy a bog.

congratulations on the green house! :D
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