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By ADMartin
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Hey all. Started my terrarium about 1.5 months ago, and am under the impression that mold is pretty standard for new setups. It’s white and encroaching a blanket across my soil (peat/perlite mix). My plants are all healthy, and the mold is only attached to the dead stuff. I sprayed Daconil a few times but it has not eradicated it or even started to get rid of it. I actually had 3 little mushroom fungi growing in a couple places. I’d like to get this problem under control before I put my live LFS down.

I’m using 2 6500k CFLs for lighting, 12-15 hours a day, 6-8” from the top of the soil. I have a USB fan circulating air around, but think it will be better to have it blowing exhaust out instead of circulating. Anyone please have any pointers? I’ve researched and asked question in other groups and have not been afforded a working resolution. Thanks in advance!ImageImage

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