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By Fishkeeper
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This is a P. emarginata that I've had for about a month. All the smaller green leaves that it currently has are new ones it's grown in that time, and it definitely seems to be doing well.

Is there any way to tell from its coloration what light level this is? I'm trying to figure out what other plants would do well under a light like this one. The ping doesn't have a red trim around its leaves, but it's growing and seems to be about the right shape, so I'm guessing this would count as moderate light.
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By Shadowtski
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Dr. Barry Rice wrote an article on measuring light intensity here. He came up with a way to measure light intensity with a camera.

If you know a good photographer, he probably has a light meter and could take a reading for you.

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By xr280xr
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It's usually easiest to just go off the specs of your light source. I'm not sure by looking at the ping, but I haven't grown that species.

Maybe Drosera capillaris 'Long Arm'?

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