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By Frothy_Milk
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Joined:  Sun Apr 30, 2017 9:39 pm
I would like to get some live long fibered sphagnum to grow Darlingtonia in, but do not know where to get the best stuff from. I have gotten some from a seller on eBay, but it was really crooked, and want to get some that grows straight up. And grows really compact and fluffy. Is live sphagnum even a good media? I've seen people growing Darlings in it but do not know if it's better than peat.

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By steve booth
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As peat is dead Sphagnum it would tend to indicate that whatever grows in peat would normally be growing in or through a live Sphagnum layer, so yes it is at least as good as peat, plus it produces hydrogen ions so maintains its acidity.
As for the best stuff, there are about 380 species so a little research might be necessary, but then you probably wont find it for sale as named species. Generally any long fibre Sphagnum is good enough
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By boarderlib
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Check with MEP for a source. I believe Phil carries live moss now. I got some from him last spring.

I can't say which media is better yet, but I will say that my 1 year old babies that I sprouted from stolon are doing very well in live moss.

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By Sakaaaaa
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You can get live sphagnum by growing your plants in Long Fiber Sphagnum. If you are lucky and your conditions are good, the great Sphagnum Revival God of Sphagnuqotl will visit and revive your sphag. Make sure not to kill the new live sphagnum!
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