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By Benurmanii
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Fishkeeper wrote:I tried two Pings on the wall, P. primuliflora and P. emarginata. The primuliflora wasn't staying wet enough and had to be repotted, but the emarginata seems to be doing well so far. It's unfolded a flower bud that it had on arrival, and it's growing new leaves. No color on the new leaves yet, but I'm not sure if that's because of the lighting or just because they're new leaves.

Decided against using D. adelae, they get too large and I'd much rather have the ping.
Leaves will have color while unfolding in stronger lighting, but from what I understand, will do fine in lower light, and will get a bit bigger.
By Fishkeeper
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The wonky leaves were there already, this is evidently a division that got a bit squished between some other plants.

The new leaves don't look like they're stretched out, so, as far as I can tell, the plant is healthy. Color would be nice, but all I really need is a plant that's healthy enough to grow properly and multiply. I'd love to eventually have a nice, dense patch of these on the wall.

I've done a bit of reading about how P. emarginata grow in the wild, and apparently they're often found growing in the moss on cliff faces. That's almost exactly what this is, so I'm not surprised that it's working out well so far. I have a small bit of Hygrolon wrapped around the roots with some LFSM, then it's wedged between a couple more layers of Hygrolon. It stays constantly damp all the time, and a couple times a week I pour a bit more water around the roots. It's also lightly misted every day, sometimes several times a day, but I'm careful not to end up with any large drops on the leaves. I'd imagine these would also be a good candidate to grow on rocks or mounted in some way or another.

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