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By neville3970
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I live in the north of the UK nearly June now! But still no flies about.
Left rubbish bag open to try to attract them, must be hiding from me.
should i buy flightless flies
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By Rammplins
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ehhh, Most flightless fly breeding programs are for fruit flies, much to small for your VFT unless its a seedling. Flightless "house" flies tend to be very expensive for what they are......flies. I just use freeze dried bloodworms, they have a decent nitrogen content and are cheap at most pet stores. I got mine for 3$ and its enough for at least a year. You just have to manually stimulate the trap afterwards every 5 min for 30 min. that's probably a little much, but I like to make sure mine are going to stay closed. All that said, they will be perfectly happy catching their own food......even if they aren't catching much of anything. Food is just a bonus for them
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By Fishkeeper
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Go to a pet store and look in the fish food section. There should be various things labeled "freeze dried ____". Bloodworms are best, but shrimp will also work. You want something about 1/4 to 1/3rd the size of the trap, usually.

They won't die if they don't get any food, though. Carnivorous plants use sunlight as most of their energy, they use the bugs as growing materials. They'll grow faster if fed.
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