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By neville3970
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I live in the north east of the uk near Middlesbrough
Is it just me but we're are all the flies
By Fishkeeper
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Joined:  Sat Dec 03, 2016 10:59 pm
You can purchase fly baits online, or make your own out of sweet-smelling things, and place said baits near the plants to lure some in. If that fails, pet stores sell freeze-dried bloodworms that will work just fine as plant food.
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By Sakaaaaa
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There some plants that are particularly good at attracting flies. You might want to try one of these:
1. Amorpophallus species, the smell attracts carrion flies but they dont always bloom.
2. Stapelia, this also attracts carrion flies but is a cactus so it might need different conditions than your plants.
3. Bulbophyllum, depending on the species, they can attract fruit flies or carrion flies. These do fine in the same conditions as neps, and there are a lot to pick from.
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By Aozora
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Step 1: Get a rabbit.
Step 2: Wait till there is a nice warm and sunny day.
Step 3: Open all doors and windows.
Step 4: Wait till the sun sets and the temperature outside starts to drop.
Step 5: Congratulations you've got a house full of flies.

some dog poop might also do the trick :p

(i recommend you do not follow the steps above, flies are nasty annoying creatures that will drive you crazy)

if you really want some flies, get some dried poop of your dog/rabbit or what ever animal you have. get a plastic bottle and cut off the top part, place the poop inside and put the top part back on the bottle but upside down. flies will get in but wont be able to come out so easy.
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