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By Shadowtski
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Are you using distilled. de-ionized, or collected rainwater for your plants?

If so, your setup should be fine for Spring, Summer, and Autumn. Chicago is a little cold in Winter for those plants though. It's still a little cold this time of year for your Nepenthes. I keep mine inside until night temperatures are above 50 Degrees in Milwaukee.

Also, what's in the Red pot? I'd suggest adding more media, get it up even with the top of the flower pot.

That's my two cents worth.

Good growing,
By Frothy_Milk
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alanmota2004 wrote:Yea its not doing so well in my conditions

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Try not to keep the Nepenthes sitting in water, it will get root rot. What is the Nepenthes potted in soil-wise?

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By Frothy_Milk
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alanmota2004 wrote:Peat and perlite with sphagnum peat moss and thanks for the tip i didnt it would rot(which it did)

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I would recommend Nepenthes being potted in long fibered sphagnum moss with some other material like orchid bark, or perlite. The Nepenthes needs good drainage and should not be sitting in water (again can cause root rot). Peat can hold moisture for a long time which is good, but it doesn't do well because it doesn't drain well at all.

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