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By Sakaaaaa
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I have some here. I renamed the title.
1. Does rain mix with drosera dew and dilute it?
2. Will utricularia survive in a closed terrarium environment?
3. Can I put full aquatic utricularia in pond water?
4. Are utrics "high ppm" CPs like neps?
5. Is it P O S S I B L E in some way to feed an utricularia?
6. Will nepenthes survive in orchid media (Bark, seramis, osmunda, tree fern fiber)
7. Is it possible to vibrate the air enough that a vft closes its trap?
8. What is the common ancestor of mimosa and dionaea?
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By mo_carnivore
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I don't have too much if any experience with these questions (except for the first one) so take my answers with a grain of salt.

1. No, I think it just temporarily strips off the dew.
2. Yes, as long as the conditions aren't horrible (aka stagnant air, etc. [just follow normal utric conditions and you should be fine])
3. Usually yes, if the pond is stabilized and has an ecosystem of organisms for the utrics to feed upon. It shouldn't have any large fish either, like koi or other goldfish... too much waste produced and they can eat the plants.
4. I'm pretty sure.
5. See answer to question 3.
6. I think so, as long as the media hasn't been treated in any way...
7. No.
8. I have no idea.
By carnigrower
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Hi, I would say utricularia are low ppm plants, section orchidioides can handle some fertiliser as a foliar feed and soil drench with most of the species in this section.
The orchid mix sounds okay, I would personally add some sphagnum moss or peat to the mix just for a bit more water retention.
I'm not too sure if there is a common ancestor between dionaea muscipula and mimosa pudica?

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By w03
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1. To an extent - Drosera dew from what I remember is a mixture of various polysaccharides which trap water in their structure to give the "glue-like" consistency. Water might dilute it a little bit, until it washes away.

2. Depends on the Utricularia. There's something like 230 or 240 different species, and many have rather different cultivation requirements. It also depends on your terrarium conditions. Does it heat up a lot due to being closed, for example? In general the humidity doesn't bother most Utricularia, but other conditions may be quite impactful for them.

3. Depends on the pond water. You want something fairly stable in terms of water chemistry, a bit on the acidic side, and without a lot of free nutrients (nitrates, phosphates, etc). Take a look at the page here, which also applies for aquatic utrics.

4. Definitely not. In my experience Utricularia are particularly low ppm plants. High ppm makes most terrestrial species melt. Some of the ones from sect. Orchidioides will tolerate elevated ppm for a while (such as when fertilizing) but will not do great if they are constantly exposed.

5. Yes, and it depends on the species of Utricularia you have. I'm sure you could culture some microorganisms (Paramecium? or stuff like vinegar eels) for the smaller terrestrials and aquatics. The really big ones (U. humboldtii for example) would probably eat mosquito larvae or daphnia. MaxSea fertilizer tends to work more or less on many terrestrial and epiphytic species, if given in the right dosage.

6. Maybe, but like carnigrower said it sounds a little dry.

7. They diverged pretty long ago (not closely related at all imo). Most recent common ancestor seems to be on one of the branches of the clade Pentapetalae, before superrosids and superasterids diverged. See here:
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By xr280xr
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Sakaaaaa wrote:I have some here.
7. Is it possible to vibrate the air enough that a vft closes its trap?
Sure it is. Why do you ask?
By Sakaaaaa
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Joined:  Thu May 12, 2016 2:18 pm
xr280xr wrote:
Sakaaaaa wrote:I have some here.
7. Is it possible to vibrate the air enough that a vft closes its trap?
Sure it is. Why do you ask?
Read the title. I have no idea why I asked
By Fishkeeper
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"Obscure" means "not discovered or known about". Your title suggests that you're asking questions about very little-known things. If you're just asking assorted questions for no particular reason, "random questions" might be a better description.

5: I'd imagine you could add decaying materials and possibly fish food to a pot of ultrics to feed and multiply the microorganisms they eat.

6: Sure. Rinsing it and then adding some other material to aid in water retention would be best, but neps don't really have any material requirements other than "extremely low TDS" and "not soaking wet".

7: Any sort of stimulation sufficient enough to move several trigger hairs in rapid succession will trigger a flytrap's trap. It's unlikely to happen without someone messing around with the plant, I doubt wind could do it, but sure.
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By xr280xr
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Sakaaaaa wrote:Read the title. I have no idea why I asked
The title doesn't communicate that to me. You weren't thinking about something that made you wonder if vibration could close a flytrap? You just randomly put some words together to form eight questions that you don't care about the answers to? I'll refrain from answering in the future then. :?
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