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By roarke
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Drosera rotundifolia is ,,roua cerului,, which means sky dew.
Utricularia vulgaris is ,,otrățel de baltă,,. Balta means pool of water, as rain water is gathered on the street, in a hole.
Pinguila is ,,grasuta,, or ,,foaia grasa,, which means fatty or fat paper.
Lathraea a protocarnivorous, is ,,muma padurii,, which means forest mother, a witch in romanian folklore.
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By roarke
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I mean traditional name, as a folkore definition. You know, when a plant has elongated red leaves, could be called for example ,,the red spear,,. This is how people from rural country side calls a plant.
A traditional name of Asphodeline lutea is King's Spear, which in romanian language is ,,Sulita regelui,,. Sorry, editing now to folklore names.
By Sakaaaaa
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Nepenthes: Kantong Semar:
Semar is a character in the traditional Wayang shadow puppet. He is portrayed as being fat, which here is associated with wealth. Kantong means "pocket" or "pouch". I guess the local species (rafflesiana) is a bit fat...

Pahiopedilums are also called "Anggrek Kantong Semar". Anggrek just means orchid.
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