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By Fishkeeper
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I have a custom-made tray setup for my plants, and I recently took everything out of it and re-siliconed a (leaking) portion of the edge with probably more GE 1 silicone than was really needed. That was over 72 hours ago, and there's still a very faint silicone-curing smell if I put my face right by it.

So, assuming that means that the core of the silicone is still curing, what would be the worst-case scenario for me putting everything back in the tray? The silicone seal will be under about an inch of water, and my entire collection of carnivorous plants will be sitting in said water. Would a small amount of silicone fumes in the water do anything to the plants, and if so, what? Would it be "oh, my plants are slightly wilted, better change the water" or "ALL MY STUFF IS DEAD"?
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