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By Raistlarn
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Hi I was given a sprig of A. vesiculosa, and I was wondering a few things. I was wanting to introduce daphnia to the container as a food source/algae remover. I was wondering whether I should use Daphnia or Moina (very small Daphnia) as a food source. I was also wondering if this would be a good food for Genlisea.
By Benurmanii
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Genlisea traps are much too small for Daphnia, and likely Moina. Anyways, Genlisea tend to do best as very wet terrestrials, not aquatics. Aldrovanda traps are fairly large so I'd imagine Daphnia would be fine, but I've heard they do best if you just let misquitos lay their eggs in the water, as the larvae will all be eaten by the Aldrovanda.
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By HeliamphoraWalnut
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Usually, after leaving the water outside, I find tiny little thigns and mosquito larvae swimming around in there. You can also collect some water from local creek or pond, and you can a pour a bit into there
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