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By Maso
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Joined:  Sat Feb 11, 2017 9:51 am
About 2 years ago we moved house. I had a lot of CP's in a bog garden which I decided to leave behind. I dug up my Cephalotus as it was doing really well, sending up shoots around the bog garden. About 12 months later, it started to die off in the pot that I had transferred it to. I decided to leave it alone for a while and repotted it in my new bog garden about 6 months ago. I was out there a couple of weeks ago looking at the dead stump, thinking I might as well pull it out and put something else there, but I said no and walked away. Anyway, just the other day I noticed it starting to send up some new leaves. So I guess the lesson here is, if your Cephalotus dies off for some reason, don't be in a rush to remove it.
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By Bhart90
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Yea it does look like a heli. Nice magic trick!

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By nimbulan
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Definitely looks like a Ceph to me, though I can see the Heli resemblance in those weird intermediate leaves that Cephs produce sometimes and are present here.

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