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By HeliamphoraWalnut
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What is up guys, this is HeliamphoraWalnut's IDer for new plants un-IDed from any big box store (I know, the name needs work :lol: ) This is meant as a guide for newer growers when they want to ID a plant from lowes, home depot, Walmart, etc. Note: This is more or less for the U.S, because if I remember correctly, in Europe, you can get helis and cephs from a regular flower nursery. :x (and for only ike 9 euros :shock: )

1.Is it a...
a. Nepenthes (Leaves where pitchers grow out of)..Go to 2
b. Drosera (Sticky tentacled plant)..Go to 3
c. Dioneae (Venus flytrap)..Go to 4
d. Sarracenia (Trumpet pitcher plants..Go to 5

2. Does it look like the following? If so, that's your plant!
a. Its a ventrata, ventricosa x alata reddish pitchers, thin lip, and thin(er) green leaves
b. Its a ventricosa! ^same as above, but thicker lip, and a horizontal "mouth"
c. It's a N. Lady luck, ventricosa x ampullaria Fat red pitchers, lid flipped backwards. Found in "Bio-Domes
d. It's a N. Miranda, x mixta x maxima Large, speckled pitchers. Large plant
e. Too small, or the pitchers are small and green? Wait for it to grow larger, then ID again. Many look similar when small

3. Does it have
a. Short leaves and grown in a rosette(small circle) ? Go to 6
b. longer, strap-shaped leaves. Go to 7
c. long, thread-shaped leaves. Go to 8

4. It's a typical unless noted otherwise. All dioneae with not tag should be regarded as a typical or 'unlabled'

5. Does it have...
a. Longer leaves, upright has a lid or "cap" Go to 9
b. Short and fat leaves leaning on the ground and/or has no "lid" Go to 10

6. It is either one of the following:
a. Drosera aliciae little rosette of leaves
b. Drosera spatulata little rosette of leave, has more of a "spoon" shape

7.Is either one of the following:
a. Drosera adelae sword shaped leaves
b. Drosera aapensis strap shaped leaves

8. It's a filiformis!

9. It's one of the following
a. Sarracenia flava yellow, tall, trumpet-like pitchers
b. Sarracenia leucophylla white and green pitcherss
c. Sarracenia x Cobra nest stouter pitchers, reddish, and wavy lids
d. Sarracenia x Judith Hindle white and green, a bit of white in the pitchers
e. Sarracenia x Dana's Delight white and red pitchers
f. Sarracenia rubra greenish pitchers with veins that are reddish

a. Sarracenia purpurea venosa squat pitchers with wavy lid. Looks like a drinking horn
b. Sarracenia x Scarlet Belle semi-upright pitchers, red and white, closed "lid"
c. Sarracenia psittacina squat pitchers that look like lobster traps or parrots. White and greenish red pitchers
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By w03
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Nice guide! - I hope this gets stickied or something so it has better visibility.

Also don't forget about pings! I've personally seen P. x 'Titan', P. moranensis, and P. primuliflora in random garden stores, and I've also heard about P. moctezumae popping up here and there.
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