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By roarke
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You cut your live sphagnum, for the light to reach small plants, like drosera, that have small leaves ? Some drosera germinated in live sphagnum.
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By boarderlib
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I may be wrong here, and please correct me if I am. If small plants are grown in live moss wouldn't they just get pushed up as the moss grows? Essentially staying on top of the moss. I'm just basing this thinking off of what I see at my local bog.

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By KategoricalKarnivore
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While I was at the Sundew Trail here by my house a few weeks ago I saw some d. capillaris growing right on some live sphagnum. They were mostly around the outside of the moss. There were a few in the moss but only where it was still pretty short. I saw a few that had stretched up. Not growing low like all the ones that weren't in the moss. And there weren't any in the moss where it was full grown and tall. Of course d. capillaris is a very small sundew so that can be taken into account. Just thought I share what I saw and let y'all make your own conclusions.
Here is a nice blurry pic with some sphagnum in the background. You can see a few plants around the edge but none in the middle.
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By boarderlib
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nimbulan wrote:I would trim the sphagnum personally. I do not believe the plants are lifted up and given how slowly Drosera grow from seed, they will quickly get swallowed up and shaded out.
Thank you for clarifying this. I did think about the roots probably anchor the plant down as the moss grows up around it after I posted that.

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