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By SerMuncherIV
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Or, what I like to respond when people ask, "How was your vacation?"

These plants were kept in my highland terrarium for 2 weeks while I was away. Everything is automated except for watering - which I took care of before leaving - and nighttime cooling, which I do using ice packs. The night temperature in the terrarium likely never fell below ~75F during this time. Most of the plants will take weeks or longer to recover their growth, but the advent of winter should greatly help at least.

N. glabrata - yikes!

N. jacquelineae - perfectly good pitcher forming when I left is now this:

N. burkei x hamata - half its former size

N. muluensis x lowii - not like it was a fast grower in the first place...

D. latifolia - horrors

D. solaris - goodbye a few month's worth of growth!

I should note that not all the plants were severely afflicted - surprisingly, most of the Heliamphora are looking decent and plants like N. attenboroughii and D. regia didn't seem to be fazed much. However, I suspect that continued periods of warm nights would stress these plants just as much as the ones above. One might argue that differences in tolerance levels of certain clones might vary, which is likely very true, but the dissatisfaction with warm nights is consistent among the plants that most literature lists as "obligate highlanders".

These plants all make do with night temps of around 63-65F during the summer (although they're certainly happier with nights in the 50's in winter). There's no need to cool most of these plants to ridiculous levels, but do not keep them in constant temps over 70F or they will hate you for it!
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