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By Bradari
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Joined:  Mon Sep 14, 2015 9:23 am
Right we are going into autumn here in south africa. so dormancy period is approaching. what do i need to know for my Ceph and Sarracenia?
My cephs live inside under lights the sarr outside by my vft's

here are my list of plants please advise for each species. i know some dont need dormancy. alsso my cephs are only just recovering (1 being tiny), do i risk losing them to dormacy?

3x Cephalotus: living indoors under lights
11x Venus flytrap Living outside.
1x Sarracenia living utside by flytraps
many Drosera Capensis living inside in windowsill
many Drosera Binata inside windowsill
3x Drosera Admirabilllis inside windowsill
4x Drosera Aliciae Insie windowsill
5x Drosera Pulchella inside windosill
1x Nepenthes Alata var Biflora inside windowsill

any advice will be greatly appreciated
By YaronR
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Joined:  Sun Mar 29, 2015 4:53 pm
Regarding the Sarrs and VFTs, lower the amount of water and keep the soil moist, but not wet.
How cold does it get outside?

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