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By yobiker
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Joined:  Sat Aug 02, 2014 9:09 pm
The SNS-203 Multicide is a very gentle all natural pesticide/Multicide compared to others on the market. I decided to use this product to treat Thrips and months later, spider mites. I used the SNS-203 specifically on a variety of indoor VFTs and Sarrs.
Review: This product has only been tested on growing medical marijuana, so the quantity to mix in water; as stated within the directions on the bottle of concentrate, needed to be adjusted for CPs. Much to my surprise, I had to increase the amount of SNS-203 mixed into distilled water. I am guessing this is because of the CP growing medium being different from regular soil and the CPs living with higher amounts of distilled water which would cause more dilution. The SNS-203 is so gentle, I was able to spray/drench the plants as often as I wanted. The action of this product was almost instant.
Any algae was immediately dissolved away and any fungus died on contact.
The Thrips took longer to treat as they didn't die right away from contact, rather they seem to die from starving. Since Thrips lay eggs, I had to treat the CPs until every generation of thrip was gone by spraying and drenching the plants 3-4 times a day for a couple weeks after getting the water/pesticide mixture figured out.
Spider Mites were an issue but only 2 pots were infested luckily. The Spider Mites hated the SNS-203 it seemed, but didn't die easily. The mites would run and try to hide. When everything dried up and the SNS-203 was seemingly no longer potent enough, the mites would be right back to work... I stay adamant and continued to treat the plants until the mites were gone. Hard to say if the increased humidity or the pesticide killed them.

Conclusion: If you have Thrips, SNS-203 works very well to halt the Thrips damage immediately while slowly killing them off.
If you have spider mites, SNS-203 is not the best option.
Overall SNS-203 excels as a grow medium cleaner and prep. It kills algae so fast that you can watch it disappear, mold rinses away in one spray, and pests hate the smell/effects of the SNS-203 so they stay away from it.
I have been prepping my new grow medium each time I repot with this stuff now and I love it for this reason. My pots always look fresh and clean now and my plants seem to grow like mad.

SNS 203 = Incredible grow medium prep. :mrgreen:
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By Europa_13
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Joined:  Sun Oct 11, 2015 2:23 am
Thank you for the great detailed information!

I've been using neem pretty religiously but have been wanting to try this one in particular! I nearly purchased their sample pack a week or so ago but decided not to spend the funds and to stick with neem. Now I'd really like to try the SNS-203!

One of the things that stopped me from ordering it at the time was that I just don't know much about what a CP can take as far as bug/mite/fungus killers. You didn't find that it was too strong or harmed the plants?
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