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By Bhart90
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Hey guys and gals, just wanted some inquiries on my minimal set up if it is decent enough for these guys. When I go to bed I plug my Sunblaze T5 in around 10pm, and it goes off when I wake up for work, 6 30 to be exact. I got my Gigante x moranesis, as well as a tiny pingucuila Ionatha, which I found out is in an endemic, I got a get a hold of the seller and tell him that,..... but anyways, I also have 8-9 different drosera spoonleaf às well as a binata, and my capensis seedlings. Is this decent? I got all of my cold hardy ones outside, and these are the ones I am going to try to haul through the winter. They are sitting in bit of water, and that is Spagna moss I am absolutely failing at growing ahaha. Is this light okay or do I need another, ànd/ or different spectrum. O and for my sundew, does humidity matter in terms of dew production, even with my butterworts? The dew are there, but I want mine to be crazy like everyone else's of course, so I am jealous . ... yep.
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