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By Bristol
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At Home Depot or Lowes.................use 20 grit Silica Sand, 100 lb bag. Locations differ in what they carry. If you are concern of what in it, get the name on the bag, then look up on internet. Find MSDS Sheets, that will tell you whats in it. Should say 100% silica. I use a brand called Gillibrand Co Silica Sand or Premier Silica Sand. Or try your local construction supply stores......


Get a bucket, stab some holes at the bottom. When the blad goes in kinda twist it t make the holes bigger. Fill the bucket with sand. Leave about 5 inches of space to the top. Fill the bucket with sand with RO water to the top. The water will trickle down slowly through the holes. Placing the bucket on top of some 2x4 or bricks makes the water drip faster. When the water tops the bucket mix it around a little then use your TDS meter for a reading. Should be already in the low 20 to 30's.........

Hope this helps, Happy growing..................
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By AaaaNinja
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nimbulan wrote:Quikrete also sells silica sand as pool filter sand and commercial grade sand, though in my experience it's very difficult to find.
I mixed their commercial grade sand into a mix of lfs+perlite+sand I made for my D. adelae and it looks like sugar.
By boggyboy72
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sand 001.JPG
sand 001.JPG (378.57 KiB) Viewed 1411 times
This what I use.I got it at the Pool store.

I killed some of my plants with Quikrete brand.Maybe I didn't wash it enough.

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