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By malika621
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Joined:  Mon Sep 02, 2013 5:29 pm
First off, I have just recently noticed white spots on two if my pitcher plants. The bug is in this picture... Is that a mealy bug? And, if so, then what do you recommend to get rid of it? I've read of BAYER, but the only kind I can find is two in one or stuff with fertilizer. Would the insect, disease, and mite control ready to spray stuff work as well? I also read of Orthene... But is that the ant killer Orthene? I cant find anything else. . .


And is this black moldy stuff harmless?


Finally, I found some wacky growth on two venus flytraps. Is this normal? Or should I be worried...? Beslcause I'm worried...



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By malika621
Posts:  165
Joined:  Mon Sep 02, 2013 5:29 pm
All right, thank you! I think I will be on the safe side and just spray everything. Better safe than sorry.
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By Matt
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I would recommend acephate over orthenex. Orthenex tended to burn the leaves of our flytraps when I used it. Acephate 75, which is the same active ingredient in orthenex, doesn't have any negative effects on flytraps and kills pretty much everything other than mites.
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By dykotah
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Joined:  Mon Jun 08, 2015 9:45 pm
The white things kinda reassemble scale. I'd use neem oil, spray the rest of your plants too. That way you can prevent any future pests. The mold is sooty mold and it only grows around nectar. It's not harmful to the plant, but can be an indicator of pest. Your flytraps will grow strange traps from time to time, but again be on the look out for pest.

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By tommyr
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Joined:  Mon Nov 02, 2009 1:38 am
In the first pic they look like mealy bugs.
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