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By Swizzy
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Hello all I am new here and need some help. I have this white mold on the surface of the soil. After putting it from the house in a green house in a heated tray. I left it for 2 hours checked up on it and that's when I noticed it. Will it do any damage to the plant? Thanks
By Swizzy
Posts:  130
Joined:  Sat Mar 14, 2015 2:03 pm
jpappy789 wrote:Possibly, although I've never had issues growing most Drosera pretty wet (i.e. sitting in standing water). Might still be an air circulation problem. What are temps and humidity like in your growing area?
I will find out this weekend as I need to go to the garden centre to get some gauges for the temp and humidity. If I can not find one I will look in a pet shop. The plants are on my window sill in my room above the radiator. Windows do get a bit of condensation on them in mornings. I have lowered the water untill it drys a bit then add a bit more. I will get back to you within the weekend Ty. Ow and the Drosera is not sprouted yet its in the soil. Bit worried of over watering it as it my first time growing carnivorous plants. Thanks
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