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By evenwind
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Joined:  Sun Jul 07, 2013 4:16 pm
I've been looking for Genlisea. The EU suppliers seem to have both plants and seeds available but I can't find any US suppliers at all. I've got to assume it's a supply-and-demand thing. So, are Genliseas particularly hard to grow or grow really slowly? Or, are they somehow more boring and/or uglier than their Utricularia cousins? Once established, do they take over collections like some of the weedier Utrics? Anybody know what the problem is and why their so hard to find? Thanks.
By w03
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Joined:  Tue Jul 15, 2014 12:46 am
I've also wondered about this, as Genlisea is probably my favorite genus of CPs. One of the long-time growers I've talked to mentioned that Genlisea only became scarce in recent years. The general consensus was that people just lost interest in them because they look somewhat boring and grow more slowly than Utrics. Some of the uncommon species are also somewhat sensitive (though not extremely so).

It's probably still possible to obtain them from other growers, but there will definitely be a ton of searching involved. Perhaps people are also more careful about distributing them given the recent taxonomic upheavals. A good percentage of the plants and hybrids circulated as "G. violacea" are now G. flexulosa, and many yellow-flowered Genlisea variously identified as G. roraimensis or G. pygmaea are now G. nigrocaulis.
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