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By danielfivetoes
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I had the distinct pleasure to have Matt from FTS Visit Wilmington NC this last week. After several days of his delightful company I must say that he is a man with passion and honesty. It was a real joy to share with him where the some 1000 plants he created are within our garden. Sadly because of my studies i could not join him on some of his outing but I know he came back smiling! I cannot think of a better person or company to spend your money on than Flytrap store.
Dan Sheret
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By Matt
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Dan, the pleasure was all mine! I am extremely grateful to you and Mary Ames for opening your house to me and showing me around Wilmington. Thank you so very much for that! It was unfortunate that you were so swamped with your studies and couldn't join me on the trip to see flytraps in the wild, which was without a doubt one of the highlights of the trip, and probably of my entire life. But I was very happy to have the opportunity to meet you and spend some time with you in and around Wilmington. Thank you for all of your hospitality and generosity. And your excitement and passion for the garden and carnivorous plants that you care for was also very evident. The city of Wilmington is very lucky to have you taking care of that little gem for them!

I have to admit being able to take home some of the plants from the Rehder Garden to tissue culture and preserve might have been an even bigger treat. Looking through all of the amazing plants in the garden and choosing a few to take home with me fulfilled a child hood dream. I am very much looking forward to sending you back some copies of those 3 plants I brought home with me!

And I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with you at the Wrightsville Beach grade school to the 4th graders. Thanks for giving me that opportunity!

What a great trip! I have so many photos from my travels that I plan to upload soon and post on the forum. I've gone through and selected the photos I'd like to share. Now I just need to find the time to get them all uploaded and posted. Since I've been back, I've been trying to catch up with other things. Hopefully this afternoon or tomorrow morning I'll find some time to post the photos.
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