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By TheAlmightyDoge
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Hey guys, I recently ordered an Aldrovanda vesiculosa and a Utricularia vulgaris and I was planning to keep them in an aquarium in which I first held some sundews (had to take them out because of mold issues). I have searched on the internet for the perfect growing conditions, but it confused me more than it helped me. So my questions are:
Under which conditions should I keep these?
Should I use rainwater, pond water or a mix of them? (or something else)
Should I use a filter?
Should I grow them with other plants?
I know they require a lot of CO2 but can this be achieved by blowing bubbles in the water with a straw (dont judge me :P)?
What soil type should I use if any? Or shouldn't I keep them in an aquarium at all ( or f.e. in a smaller tank on my windowsill)?

For my aquarium I have:
- A (quite strong) filter
- A heating device (not sure how to call it in English)
- Peat and peat moss
- A built in 15W 750 lumen TL lamp (not sure if t5 or t8)
- We also have a natural pond on our property, so I could use that water if necessary

I am new to these plants but they seem very interesting to me, so any information is highly appreciated :D
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