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By parker679
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I know that you can trace many unrelated plants and animals back in their evolution to a common ancestor, but this still surprised me.

"The small size of the U. gibba genome is even more surprising given the fact that the species has undergone three complete genome doublings since its evolutionary lineage split from that of tomato."

A tomato.....huh!
By coline
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Yeah, saw that article, in my case I liked the fact on how it describes that non coding DNA is not as important to multicelular life than many thought.
The trees like that ones that appear there are really fun to do and pretty informative on genetic relationships, they can be done online and by simply searching and pasting DNA sequences in different webpages. In a sequence like this: search the DNA sequence wanted (NCBI, EBI..), paste it in the Fasta format in a simility analizer program like the one EBI has, use the information generated to build a cladiogram.
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