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By coline
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Hi, I wondered this, since I have always grown in a successfull way my plants, counting now 60+ species, but I had never checked my pH of the soil. So some weeks ago I took a random pot that I had with me and proceeded as follows:
I weighted 10g of the peat:perlite medium and added 25ml of water, stirred it for 10 minutes and used my pH meter to measure the pH. (Method taken from Agricultural production systems laboratory booklet)
Don't really remember, but I think I got 7.2 or 7.4, well I got surprised about that (23.5ºC).

So, what have been your pH in your pots.
Try the above method for a comparative result to mine, I will get more substrate and do another try tomorrow because I do not have any plants here to try with.

Then what is yout pH?
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