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Do I push the long end into the soil? Do I lay it on top (which is what I have done now) or do I cut the green tips off and plant them. It is probably so easy that noone has ever thought to explain it but any help you can give would be awesome.
By fattytuna
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Well different growers have their different methods. Sphagnum hardly grows at all for me. People tend just to lay it over the soil. Over time, the spahgnum keeps on growing over itself, the bottom sections dying and supporting the top growth.

I can't recommend a way to cultivate it as it just stays there not multiplying or growing in my conditions.
By jwbates26
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There are many different ways to grow it and there have been really great tips on how to here. I've listed quite a few threads for you. Just keep in mind there are many ways to grow sphagnum so read as much as you can then just try something. If you see a decline with out any positive signs of growth change you method up some and try agian.

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My way you'll have to scroll down to find it.
Ryan + plus my original post
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A good online tutorial.
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