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By roarke
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I bought two weeks ago from czplants some CP plants. Now after some days, i must get the plants. But in my county, where i live, the weather is about -4 Celsius. In the package, is not maybe cold, but i doubt czplants wrapped them good for the weather, because in their country was + Celsius. I cannot send them back, if i must, because i must pay the transport, i think. So, what of the following plants can stand between - 4 and - 8 ?
Utricularia sandersonii
If the VFT enters dormancy, can i force wake ? For drosera, i can save them from the roots maybe... The seeds, no problem.
By parker679
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VFT's can handle pretty low temps. Definitely below freezing for a short time. I would think your package would have to sit outside for a while before the plant inside the box experience sub freezing temperatures. As for dormancy, I don't think the short time in shipping is enough to trigger dormancy. It take a longer period of reduced light and temperatures to trigger dormancy.
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