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By CarnivorousStu
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I have a few terrestrial bladderworts - U. sandersonii, U. bisquamata and U. livida I wondered if these would be able to survive a light frost just below freezing? They are kept in a greenhouse
By RL7836
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Daniel_G wrote:I will just say try it. Best way to find out...
Only if you have spares or easy access to another source. Would you have the same response if he was asking the same question about a flowering H. 'Tequila' or N. edwardsiana?

One of the issues w/ frosts is micro-climates (as many have found after the fact). ie: the thermometer never went below 2*C but yet my plants froze or the weatherman said the low would be 5*C but here it got to -5*C. Some plants with extensive roots (like Cephs or D. regia) handle light freezes by coming back from their roots. Anytime you play with freezing, you may be placing your non-temperate plants at risk.

For small plants like the ones you mentioned - place a 'security division' inside the house & leave the rest in the greenhouse.
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