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Post your services code

Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2013 6:26 pm
by roarke
First i must say that i sold a few nephentes and drosera capensis. My advice as a seller is :
A seller code must be :
- Don't be bad or be good with only some and bad with others (for manipulation purposes), be honest and don't try to sell and make gifts, if the person say to you for example : "I cannot find peat moss, can you send me some, with the CP i'm buying from you ?" Don't be like in the following romanian saying : "Ii dai un deget si-ti ia toata mana" ("Give him a finger and he will take your whole arm"). Make gifts or announced gifts on your site (on Christmas for example), for advertising.
- Don't double-cross the buyer or the word will spread against you and be good with anyone and treat them all equal.
- Treat your plant you sell equal like the plants you keep ! Don't neglect the ones you sell !
- The info you give in writings or verbally must be correct and not ambiguous. Is not your fault if the buyer it is saying back to you, after you give him the right info, the following sentence or the like of it : "My plant is not in good shape, what should i do ?"
- If you will not make a profitable business out out the sells, at least you are giving the world joy, which you, presumably, already believe and want, which is important ! Money must not be above the client !
- Be polite
- Bargain, if you want.

A buyer code must be :
- Believe, but not blindly, in the seller
- Question every thing about the plant but don't think that the seller is god and know 100 % info about the plant !
- Be polite
- Bargain, if you want.
Il wait for my twin brother to make additional info in this thread, but what is your opinions about the mentioned advices ?