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By bananaman
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Joined:  Sat Jan 01, 2011 2:54 am
So, does anyone else have a Utricularia tricolor that has never flowered?
Do you want to figure out how to make it flower?
Anyone else up for it?

The biggest problem with this plant is that hardly anyone has gotten it to flower, and those who have, don't know why theirs flowered.
The point is to use people with a tricolor (like myself) to attempt different ideas of what may trigger flowering, and see if under those conditions, their plant flowers without aborting the flowers.
As far as I know, if I am successful in getting other people to join in and share their results, this will be the first large-scale experiment to solve this problem.
If we are successful in figuring out how to get U. tricolor to flower, I will probably submit the experiment and results to the CPN so that the wider CP community can get this plant to flower.
Please PM me if you would like to volunteer plants for the tests.

Photos would be nice!

I'll start with some of my first ideas.
1. Maybe we grow it in pots that are too small. It is related to longifolia, which likes a larger pot to flower.
2. Maybe we need to treat it like a section Orchidioides Utricularia, as that is how people have gotten longifolia to flower.
3. Maybe it needs seasonal photoperiod variance.
4. Maybe a wet/dry cycle.
5. Maybe it needs seasonal temperatue change.
6. Maybe it needs cooler nights.

I'm currently propagating mine to test numbers 3, 4, and 5.
I cannot test 6 easily, and I need to buy more LFS and pots before trying 1 and 2.

Please submit ideas and test them if you have the plants!

NOTE: Anyone can submit ideas, but all those people wanting to test them should PM me.
By RL7836
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Joined:  Tue May 18, 2010 2:56 pm
bananaman wrote:Anyone want to help?
LOL - maybe a year or two ago but I gave away my last U. tricolor clone this past fall. I tried a number of things to get them to flower but ultimately failed. Here are some ideas, thoughts:

- check with some of the Brazilians (some are on CPUK but all are on the Brazilian CP forum (use a translator)). Several of them have regularly flowering U. tricolor
- in small pots in basement terrarium - never even got a stalk
- increased pot size to 4.5" & placed on east-facing windowsill (where U. longifolia & U. praelonga reliably flowered) - got many stalks but no flowers
- I always used a peat-based media (1:1 peat:sand or 1:1:1 peat:sand:aps or similar)

I think you may be on to something with the following:

- pot size - try using an 8" pot - start it with only one piece of U. tricolor - let it fill the pot for 2-3 years
- seasonal photoperiod - window or greenhouse - the daily changes in photoperiod seem to matter
- seasonal temperature changes - let the pot be colder & drier in the winter
- maybe a looser, more open media mix (check with the Brazilians on what they use)
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By RL7836
Posts:  188
Joined:  Tue May 18, 2010 2:56 pm
bananaman wrote:Nevermind, I just found it with brazilian google....
I imagine there is only one ... but here is what I use

Here's a post from Carlos w/ U. tricolor flower pics & even Kiwi Earl had success getting flowers ...
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